Fashion is undeniably an arduous process.  From idea conception, to design and production, and ultimately, to the individual who will possess the treasured garment…fashion is a process.  For some, fashion is a joke, materialistic, and insignificant to the true meaning of a fulfilling life.  For others, it is the air they breathe, the fruit they devour, a lifestyle they choose.  This site is mainly for those in between these two extremes.  From special finds to street fashion, to anything and everything fashion, I hope you will enjoy what I can share with you.

I am not an expert, and have no academic training in fashion design.  I only appreciate what I see based on my actual training in Photography and Graphic Design.  What I perceive as fashionable is based on one part art education, one part media influence, and one part personal pleasure.  Just because I find it pleasurable, does not necessarily mean someone else will.  Fashion is after all subjective.  Some things, however, are objective and socially agreed upon…peek-a-boo thongism is a crime to humanity.

Enjoy the site!



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