The Blizzard of 2010…Take 2!, NYC, 10 Feb 2010

During my first blizzard in 2005, I strolled the empty streets of the Upper West Side to enjoy the frigid and flakey experience.  Since 2005, I’d been meaning to get out and take some shots of the city during another blizzard.  I finally got out today, armed with a Canon G10 P&S, and a cheap ziploc bag and took some shots around Fifth Avenue and 19th Street.  The ziploc gave the first and third image a softened, diffused look.  It only cost me 99 cents for the cheap bag, and I still got a box full of them!

Fifth Avenue on 19th looking down toward 18th Street, with an abundant supply of yellow cabs roaming the streets.

19th Street looking westward towards Avenue of the Americas (6th Ave).  Snow falling at a horizontal angle, makes for a painful and annoying walk across the street.

19th Street looking eastward towards 5th Avenue.  That white car covered in snow looks like it’s glowing.

The best part of a snow storm is the fresh white snow.  The days following the storm are what is the most disgusting part of a blizzard.  Walking around in brown muck is pretty nasty.  I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO can not wait for summer to come.


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