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The Painted Celebrity Head Shots

Celebrity head shots redone as paintings from photos I took of these fancy people at events in the early 2000s. I tried to pick quirky, fun shots instead of serious, glamorous poses.  Apologies… Continue reading

The ‘It’s Anthony Michael Hall!’ Project, Acrylic on Mixed Media

Here’s an acrylic painting on mixed media paper I just completed.  It’s a portrait of Anthony Michael Hall.  This was taken from a photograph I shot of him in 2004 at an event.… Continue reading

ROYGBIV – Roy Orbison in Acrylic, 9 Nov 2015

A visual pun created with a portrait of Roy Orbison.  ROYGBIV.  I was thinking of putting his name above his head with each letters being different colors, but thought it worked best keeping… Continue reading

David Beckham Project – Acrylic and Graphite

I started on acrylic and I have no idea why I chose David Beckham.  Also, the concealer under the eyes made it difficult for me to blend but I’m okay with the results.… Continue reading

Ellie Goulding Inverted Experiment

This was a fun project for me.  I took a photograph of Ellie Goulding I photographed in 2011 at Saks Fifth Avenue and inverted it into a negative image. Then I drew the… Continue reading

The Modfather and the Model, Paul Weller and Winnie Harlowe

The title just happened! Here’s a drawing of Paul Weller, Modfather, music hero to many.  This was done with charcoal on watercolor paper.  I’m not really enjoying charcoal on watercolor anymore.  I also… Continue reading

The King Curls Up in Queens – Elvis Is In the House

A charcoal on watercolor that I did last night in Queens, New York of Elvis Presley and his curled up lips. The King Curls Up in Queens…get it!?  Rrrrrrr…


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