Ma Maison – 8X10 Acrylic on Canvas Panels

Bienvenue!  Here’s my latest project of my home done on 8×10 canvas panels.  I really enjoyed doing these paintings as they were smaller and faster to complete.  I also really enjoyed focusing in… Continue reading

Paris – Summer 2016 Collection

Finished paintings from this Summer of Paris.  The collection is available for purchase as a single painting or get the whole collection of five.  Contact me at: for price inquiry. 2016 ©… Continue reading

Musée de Montmartre and Some Street Art in Porte de Saint-Ouen

I made it out to Montmartre today, but did not get a chance to visit the Bateau Lavoir.  That’s okay, because I really wanted to go to the Musée de Montmartre.  The museum… Continue reading

Marais Street Art, Paris, France

More, more, more!  Off today just a few steps from where I’m staying, head southeast from Canal Saint-Martin through Republique and you’ll find these pieces of art on the outskirts of Le Marais. … Continue reading

Quartier Saint-George Street Art, Paris, France

Some photos from today of Quartier Saint-George and the surrounding area.  I got off at Pigalle and walked around before getting a sandwich at Gustave Claps.  I left the name of the streets on… Continue reading

Canal Saint-Martin Street Art, Paris, France

I’m back in Paris!  This time I’m hanging out in my new favorite neighborhood, Canal Saint-Martin.   I’m doing some more street art adventures and here’s what I found yesterday  just a few blocks… Continue reading

Brick Lane Street Art, London, UK

I was told if you wanted to find good street art in London, one should head to Brick Lane.  So off I went!  After a block or two you’ll come across many side… Continue reading

In Antecessum (The Anticipation) – 16X20 Acrylic on Canvas (AND The Hand Collection Spring/Summer 2016)

Here’s the final piece of my hand project.  In Antecessum (The Anticipation) shows thumbs twiddling with a small chain watch on the side symbolizing the wait that we all have experienced.  It’s up… Continue reading

Ad ubi? (Where to?) Just Get Me to the Other Side – 16X20 Acrylic on Canvas

My next piece completed last week.  A pair of hands try to help another set of hands get over a wall to freedom.  Trump approved?  Most likely not.  It’s not necessarily that “wall”… Continue reading

Omnis (All)16X20 Acrylic on Canvas

When I first completed this piece in April I wasn’t very keen on it.  I’m not sure why.  I wasn’t even planning on doing a blog post about it.  But today I took… Continue reading

Ironia (A Cozy Morning in Aleppo) 16X20 Acrylic on Canvas

When I first started this painting the idea was to have a hand holding a cup with a latte and some pretty heart shaped latte art on it.  It was a dedication to… Continue reading

Arles – Spring 2016 Collection

My Arles Spring 2016 Painting collection now available for purchase.  Arles is a beautiful city in the South of France along the Rhone River with a wonderful history, beautifully captured by Van Gogh… Continue reading

Paris – Spring 2016 Collection

A few paintings I did while in Paris.  It’s nice to feel productive when you’re on vacation.  I have very little experience doing scenics and scenes. The only one I recall doing was… Continue reading

Arles Street Art, Arles, France.

Arles, France is a beautiful city in the South of France.  It’s buildings and passages are just like Paris as well.  I really enjoyed it there and the visit to Pont Van Gogh… Continue reading

In the Studio, Dans l’ Atelier – The Artist Photographed From Ingres to Jeff Koons at the Petit Palais at the Musee des Beaux Arts de la Ville de Paris

Some photos from a few of my favorite pieces at the current exhibit for Dans l’ Atelier, In the Studio – The artist photographed from Ingres to Jeff Koons at the Petit Palais at the… Continue reading

Suscipio (Up) 16X20 Acrylic on Canvas

Finished this week, a painting of two hands/arms holding on to each other for help.  Suscipio is Latin, and means up – take up, lift up, receive. I wanted to create a piece… Continue reading

The ‘It’s Anthony Michael Hall!’ Project, Acrylic on Mixed Media

Here’s an acrylic painting on mixed media paper I just completed.  It’s a portrait of Anthony Michael Hall.  This was taken from a photograph I shot of him in 2004 at an event.… Continue reading

Close-up of a Woman’s Face, Acrylic, 18 January 2016

The one thing that comes in handy with being a photographer, is that I get to pull from my library of photos and practice painting the photos.  Here’s a re-creation of a portrait… Continue reading

The LOVE Project in Sign Language, 15 November 2015

So I’ve been practicing drawing the hands and decided to do a project on spelling the word Love.  The L, O, and V are easily recognizable, so I figure by the time you… Continue reading