The Apples in stereo at the South Street Seaport, Saturday, 26 June 2010

The summer is back and what better indication of this blessed season than those free music festivals all over the city!  The Seaport Music festival at the South Street Seaport started the festival this year with a Kids Day event sponsored by Target.  Headlining the event in the evening was Denver’s The Apples in stereo.  (Yes, small ‘s’)

Decked out in crazy space-aged silver ensembles and black Vans The Apples brought on the indie pop, with harmonies so tight the Deal sisters would be proud.   At times the vocals almost sounded child-like or cartoon character ready.  During their performance, the charismatic frontman, Robert Schneider, explained their time/space presence.  I was absolutely confused by what he meant, but what do I know about traveling back in time, then forward, or something like that.  At least they drink Gatorade, which is perfect for that deep down body thirst.  So here are some images from the first show, which was held on Saturday.  After that, it’s on Fridays.

During the set, the band was accompanied by the Brooklyn Youth Chorus and members of the Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra, both of which had performed earlier that night.

It was a great night and thankfully a lot more peaceful than the Drake and Hanson show.

Not cool people, soooooooo not cool.

This is just the beginning.  Can’t wait for more!


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