Stylist, Davita Galloway, Wears More Than One Hat

For Davita Galloway, earning a Masters in Public Health at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, was not enough for the dupp&swat co-founder.  After a short stint at Parsons in NYC, the North Carolina native felt another calling…to style the people.

Processed Meat Fashion Blog caught up with the freelance-Stylist/entrepreneur, and asked her a few vital questions about her and the industry.  We hope this piece will inspire you to follow your dreams.

What is your occupation?  And what does that involve?

Do I have a 9-5p? No! However, I have a few titles including: Independent/Freelance Stylist, Co-Owner of dupp&swat LLC, and Founder of BushBroads. I guess you can call me a creative thinker and doer.

What is dupp&swat?

dupp&swat is a hat company that specializes in custom fitted hats…my brother and I are in the process of manufacturing our own hats, and obtaining specs for tees. Eventually, it will culminate into menswear/womenswear fashion line.

Any training/schooling to becoming Stylist?

Surprisingly, I am formally trained in public health and have a Master’s to prove it but my passion is for the arts. Days after obtaining my MSPH, I moved to New York to attend Parsons but that was short-lived. Besides that, a few classes and workshops here and there.

What made you want to become a Stylist?

Seems like I was born to do this as I’m, literally, fanatical over shopping, uncovering great finds and expressing oneself via fashion and style. It just made sense.

Is this your dream job?

Yes! It’s one of them…. I’m involved in projects and opportunities that really impassion me so if all gets cranked up to the nth power, all is well, I’m doing good.  Seeing as though I’ve been on the other side and worked a typical 9-5p, I wouldn’t replace ‘Davita-now’ with ‘Davita-then!’ I am doing what I want…..

Do you ever try to put your style in the work you do for your clients?

I do. I have. I’m definitely guilty. As designers have a signature look, I, too, leave a fingerprint in my work. Whether it’s the chorus of colors or mix of prints, I am present.

Who have you worked with that you really enjoyed and would like to work with more?

My last client.

Who would you like to work with that you haven’t already worked with?

My next client. Whether celebrity or lay person, everyone gets the same treatment! I enjoy what I do and am sure to not take it for granted.

What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about the fashion industry?

It’s all glitz and glamour. That, my dear, is only the end product…..

Who is your hero/inspiration?

I have many people in my life who inspire me for different reasons, however, my grandmother is some sort of amazing. And, with a name like Lovie Vannilla Hart, who can blame me? 🙂

Any tips for people who want to become a Stylist?

Pursue opportunities relentlessly. I can’t tell you how many times I traveled here and there to style a show for free–just get your name out there! And, if there aren’t many opportunities, create them. Thus, BushBroads!

What are you excited about wearing with the arrival of Autumn?

Blazers, blazers, blazers!! And, I’m feigning to get my hands on (and in) a few pairs of really great gloves.

Lastly, but most importantly, how would you describe you fashion style?

That remains a challenge because I’m pretty much up for anything…..And since the word, eclectic, is blatantly oversaturated, I dare not go there….. (along with the word ‘swagg’ but i digress)


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