Toronto Fashion Week, Oct 2010, Photo Gallery

Fashion is truly a GLOBAL phenomenon. Here in North America, New York Fashion Week is the epicenter for designers to showcase their stylistic creations. But many fashion fiends are unaware of the buzz and designs coming from our neighbors North of the Border. That’s right, our friends in Canada and more specifically Toronto. Did you know Toronto Fashion Week has been going 20 plus years strong and seems to be getting better by the season.  Just like here in New York, there are standout industry names in the Canadian scene that range from the up/coming, young & fresh Evan Biddell to industry veteran Joseph Mimran (the designer & mind behind Club Monaco). But I am especially appreciative of the diversity TFW showcases from designers from a variety of cultural backgrounds from Eastern Europe to Southeast Asia. It all comes together here at L’Oreal Fashion Week and I was pleased to be in attendance to bring it to you. So without further delay I present to you some choice selections that caught my eye at this year’s showcase of the Spring Collections 2011. Enjoy. Appreciate.



Chet A. Awer

Founder – EstiloModa (Styling/Brand Creation-Management)


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  1. Hi, Really like your blog… especially all the nice photos from the catwalk. I used to live in Toronto so this brings back memories. Thank you!

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