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I would say that I’m normally not taken in with everything by a single designer; but for some reason the new 2010 campaign for Miu Miu had me panting at the gates! I would wear EVERY single piece. I wanted more where there was none. Give me a Vera Wang collection at Kohl’s that I can pick up after work and **afford** to wear without spraying coffee on it first! Anything that will fit in my pocketbook budget! Instead I’ll be waiting for months to get my hands on one item because I’ll have to save up, and then I’ll never be able to wear it except for the first time for fear of shrinking it, even at the dry cleaners! And what if it’s all gone by then?! Is this how fashion is supposed to make me feel? And the answer is, I suppose: well, yes. Collectible fashion!

What I adore about the designs for Fall/Winter’s Miu Miu line: the patterns all have a circular aesthetic in mind. Between the pansy collars, and the huge, oversized deep circle pockets, and the lovely and sweet tied-bow sweater wear collars; it just screams ’60s Mary Quant, with each piece specializing in its own, shall we say ‘demure’, drama. With Autumn colors ranging from the shades of eggplant, mustard, tan and pumpkin, each item becomes the perfect complement to Fall and cooler weather showing off bright colors, but a lighter bright, all the same. The silver, metal-petaled flowers of the pansy design are a great added detail to these looks and finish each item with panache, giving the soft and roundness of the material an edgy feel. Bravo for a Winter winner, Miu Miu!

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  1. Dude, PROCESSED MEAT is very cool. When you stopped me on the street and asked if I would answer those questions …I kinda balked because I hate to hear people talk about fashion let alone myself. “UGH”, I thought. But the video turned out to be fun. You’re bringing a fresh perspective to fashion blogs. Keep up the good work.

    Check out my blog: bonifacenow.typepad.com

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