An Accessory to Fashion un-Crimes at Styleaholic’s NYFW Kick Off Party

Ugh…the Mondays.  Well, what better way to get over the Monday blues than with a soiree in an intimate setting with great music, drinks, and major fashion eye candy?  Preeminent fashion blog Styleaholics celebrated with a pre-New York Fashion Week party at Gild Hall down in Manhattan’s Financial District.  PMFB did not miss this chance and while dancing away the evening, we came upon some amazing accessorizing.  We found some great style with major attitude that screamed “I’m here damnit!”  Hope you find these little accents into your wardrobe soon and just a note…I think this spring/summer is going to be super bright, bold, and colorful.  At least that’s what I hope for…

Lots of great pieces here.  Make sure you catch him in our next installment of street fashion pics.


Detail of the bird pendant.


Stunning pink necklace by Nallik


Love the layering.


Who says a string of pearls is only for your neck?


Great jewels and quirky cute glasses.


Forget about the pocket square, let’s try something different.  Edgy and classic at the same time.


Retro and amazing.


Tools as accessories?  Pretty sweet.  Great hair too.


Red Bull ain’t the only ones that give you wings.  These amazing Jeremy Scott for Adidas 3M winged high top glowed brightly throughout the night.


Lots of great fashion last night, but the accessories were the true stars of the night.  I am definitely gonna have to stock up on my ring collection-small ones across a finger or two and maybe a chunky one too lead.  Juicy thick bracelet’s for the wrist can share the arm space with them twig-like bangles.  Then some more fabulously oversized pendants will hang around my neck, less I have a major slouch from the weightage of pendatudes.  Nothing makes sense, but then again, that’s why I love warm weather!


Remember NY’s Fall 2011 Fashion Week starts Thursday.



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