Wow! Kmart…

Wow!  Went to the Kmart on 34th Street and 7th Ave in NYC today and found some great stuff.  Who would’ve thought?  Well, I pretty much knew there were a few wearable pieces, but I found a couple of really sweet pieces in the women’s section by Jaclyn Smith.

So the black and white trend is going to remain popular for fall and won’t be out anytime soon this spring/summer.

Last summer horizontal, black and white stripes were everywhere.  I’m just happy to see stripes, but in a different form.  Here above is this beautiful knit, diagonal stripe blouse.  I thought the diagonal stripe would start to get popular, but it’s taking a while.  I don’t see why though.  With the angling of the stripes, it’s quite flattering on the female form.


Another stripe blouse in black and white…


…but check out the adorable petal shaped collars.  Conjuring up images of 60s Quant, I think this blouse would look sweet with a skinny belt, cocktail pants and a wide brim straw hat.  Other patterns, like floral are also available, if you don’t like stripes.

Both blouses were under $20.  That’s a pretty amazing deal and there were so many more great pieces.

Kmart…who’d thunk it?!


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