Eye Can See It All With Joel Curry’s Sunglasses

Ahhh…to be young, talented, and prolific.  That is what designer Joel Curry embodies, as I found out last night.  While shopping for supplies at Michaels arts and crafts store on the UWS, I saw Curry showing an employee some pieces he was working on.  Distracted from my duty of being a kid in a candy shop, I could not help but interrupt their conversation to ask Curry about his work.  For the past 2 months, this young designer has been in eyewear creating mode, pulling out some amazing cool projects he’s in the midst of finishing up.


From eyewear, to jewelry, to hats, to bowties, to shoulder pads, Curry’s fun, funky, creative and extreme pieces are definitely NOT for the faint (or safe) at heart, but for the bold, expressionistic and playful.  Perfect for summer music festies, clubbing, parties, concerts, and fashion shows (Fashion Week!!!), get lost in a pair of sunglasses covered in chains, spikes, and wires.  Don’t worry, you will be able to see through them.


Some pieces Curry was working on:

To view more of his sunglasses for purchasing go to:







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