Fashion’s Night Out, Soho, NYC, 8 September 2011





Fashion’s Night Out struck the Big Apple (and the globe) last night with a raucous street party for all to enjoy…and fear.  Learning from last year’s tragicness, I decided to stay in one neighborhood, relying on foot traffic, and less on cabs and buses.  My feet totally regretted that decision, but in the end, I got to see and do more because of some diligent planning.

Headed out first to Soho and lined-up early at Helmut Lang on Mercer, to make sure we got stamped to see Best Coast.  The wait in line was long, but once inside the shop, attendees were treated to drinks and lobster rolls from the Luke’s Lobster truck parked just outside.  The bread, lightly toasted, housing chunks of deliciously-textured lobster meat, was amazing, even if it did have mayonnaise.  If they can make a vinaigrette-based coleslaw, why can’t they make a vinaigrette-based lobster rolll?  Just putting that out there into the universe.  Sadly, leaving Helmut Lang, to explore the rest of Soho, cost us the chance of re-entering for the 9pm Best Coast performance.  We just couldn’t justify letting 2 hours of FNO fun zoom by while trapped in one store for the majority of the night.  Undeterred, we headed back out into the battlefield for an adventurous evening.

Stopping by Ben Sherman we delighted in some cupcakes and seltzer, while watching a game of roulette.  Then, it was off to Brooklyn Industries for some salsa tasting from the Brooklyn Salsa Company and vodka by Brooklyn Republic Vodka.  Are you seeing a theme here?  Once satiated (somewhat), we headed out to Unis, for a performance by Sun Airway.  The short set was pretty good since I first saw them last year.  The band played some shoegaze tunes, whose ambient sounds fitted perfectly with the fashionable atmosphere.

Rambling the street, we stopped by some great shops including Cole Haan (oh please let me win that years worth of shoes contest), Michael Kors (king), and the Frye Company (“boot”ylicious).

The rest of the night involved walking all over Soho for free hot dogs and beer, $1 Baked by Melissa cupcakes, shoegazing and shoe “gazing”, contest form-filling, and restroom line-waiting, all the while, striking up conversations with some lovely, stylish people.

The hectic downtown frenzy of the night was filled with crowds walking in the middle of the streets, chanting, huddling, documenting, and enjoying the freedom of this once a year event.  Next year, I will be enjoying Fashion’s Night Out in the Midtown area, and maybe with a pair of sneakers…or not.

So below I bring you my 3 minute FNO wrap-up and below that is Sun Airway’s performance of “Put the Days Away”, which they performed at UNIS.


Fashion’s Night Out in Soho:


Sun Airway’s “Put the Days Away” at Unis.


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