iPad Case by Coach

I was early pre-Black Friday shopping yesterday and headed over to the Coach store just for a looksy.  Unfortunately that always turns out into a depressing thing.  Well as I walked in, I spotted this bright and beautiful iPad case.  Of course I don’t have an iPad, but I have been looking for a reason for buying one.  So I guess this is a sign that I need to get one.  Maybe I’ll wait for the iPad 3.  Still, she’s a beauty, ain’t she?

The Julia Embossed Patent Tablet…sigh…

Here’s a close-up detail:

Price tag – $198


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  1. Those cases look really nice! I have been looking all around for a cool yet stylish iPad case. I really like the notebook style cases! My choice has been narrowed down to the Portenzo cases. Does anyone have one? The reviews are awesome, but I want feedback from someone that owns one. Anxiously awaiting feedback. http://www.portenzo.com

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