Betsey Johnson-Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Tuesday, 13 February 2012

The eager anticipation of seeing Betsey Johnson’s Fall 2012 line was evident in the packed Theatre at Lincoln Center tonight.  Inside the Theatre people crowded around the front just to snag video and pics of Russell Simmons and daughter Angela Simmons.  Bright pink bags lined the seats surrounding the runway while 60s music played throughout the show.

Once the show began, you could see the 60s/70s inspiration in Johnson’s line.  The collection consisted of bright vibrant colors and various patterns ranging from plaids to stripes to florals to houndstooth all accessorized with floppy hats and sexy stockings.  Oh…and lotsa hot pink.

This was such a fun line to watch, not the elegance of Zang Toi or Bibhu Mohapatra, but that’s not the point here.

Here are the pics.  Click to enlarge:The backstage was a bit packed but at least there were lots of treats from Twizzlers and M&Ms to Baked by Melissa Cupcakes to keep you energized.

After the show, when asked how she was feeling, Betsey replied with a simple “muy contento”.  It was obvious from her glow, it was a stellar night.


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