MORE: Wow! Kmart… (and DSW Shoe Warehouse)

Wow!  Kmart!  Who knew?  Well duh!  Of course.  The discount chain store known for it’s blue light specials offers a variety of cute and wearable pieces with decent prices.  It’s great for people who’ll pay more than Salvation Army prices to avoid mysterious stains and odors, but may end up wearing something somebody else might have, but that’s a very low possibility.  As I browsed around the women’s section today, I came upon a couple of pieces that I really liked.  Hope you like them too!

Orange sweater by Route 66 for $24.99.  Such a great sweater for 60ish degree weather, not really cold and not really hot, but you just want something because there’s a mild breeze.

Comes in other colors including white, but I like the orange.

The Route 66 Minidress is a bargain at $19.99.  Also available in a green, floral pattern.  I couldn’t find this one online, so you’ll have to go instore to find it.  But here are the details of the green, floral-patterned version:


Before Kmart, I went to Famous Footwear.  I was actually looking for the DSW Shoe Warehouse, but for some reason I thought I walked into DSW, when it was actually Famous Footwear.  As I asked the cashier about a shoe I was looking for, I looked out the window and saw the DSW Shoe Warehouse right across the street.  “Oh, I thought this was DSW Shoe Warehouse!” I told him.  “Don’t say that!” he replied, hurt, yet indifferent.

So, I hopped over to DSW and ordered some wedges that I was in need of that was not in-stock.  Then I walked the aisles a bit and found these:

Sliding into a pair of these Crown Vintage Lansing Wedge, my feet melted like butter.  These were sooooo comfortable.  YAAY me!

Crown Vintage actually has a lot of great shoes.  Here’s another pair I found, but didn’t come in my size:

Oh well, if I can’t get them, hope somebody else can.  These wedges available at DSW on 34th Street and 6th Ave in New York City, across the street from Kmart (and Famous Footwear).


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