Music Video-Jealous Waves by The Pretty Greens

An all-girl Philly-based band, The Pretty Greens have been creating music since October 2010.  Originally formed as a Go-Go’s cover band, under the name Lust2Love, the band went through a transformation composing their own songs and re-forming after a few line-up changes.  Thus was born, The Pretty Greens, a name inspired from the song Pretty Green by 70s-80s British band The Jam.

I had the opportunity to create this video for them using some stock footage from my own archive. Hope you like the song and video.

When you get the chance, check out the band’s page:

Jealous Waves
Artist: The Pretty Greens
© Gottlieb/Marcoux/Vaden/Epstein
Video copyright info: Tear-n Tan, 2012.
All Rights Reserved.


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