W118 by Walter Baker Spring 2013 Collection, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, 7 Sept 2012

A presentation of dancing models sporting a pair of gemstone studded headphones lined the platform showcasing Walter Baker’s W118 Spring 2013 Collection at the Box at Mercedes-Fashion Week in New York City.

The collection had all bases covered starting off with basic pieces in standard, solid colors.

As you get to the end of this platform a pop of sunshine yellow in mixed plaid and ikat takes over, hinting what’s just about to come when you turn the corner.

A burst of colors and patterns take over your senses as you get to the other side of the presentation.  Patterns ran the gamut from florals in tie dye to prints inspired by his various travels across the globe, and finally to the ever ubiquitous ikat.  I have yet to get in on the ikat craze, but I’m digging this leaf-graphic-African-inspired green and beige blazer.

In the eyes of Walter Baker, Spring 2013 looks to be fun, playful, and exotic.  Check out the gallery below:


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