Erickson Beamon Spring 2013 Collection, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, 9 Sept 2012

The Erickson Beamon presentation during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Lincoln Center was definitely one of the more interesting presentations at the Box.  Female models stood on trolleys as they were pushed along by male models.  A scaffold was placed in the center of the room where socialites, celebs, and models sat and mingled amongst themselves.

The hair was long sometimes braided, while eye make-up was extreme, and dresses were knitted or lingerie.  The focus was the jewelry, though I don’t think all of the model’s were wearing jewelry.  Well, this was such a fun presentation, I took the liberty to make these shots more editorial and retro looking.

This was one of my favorite models.  She would not blink for the longest time.  CRAZY!

The models had really great poses throughout this presentation.  This was definitely one of the best Box showcases.


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