At Sea at Rockwood Music Hall, NYC, 7 November 2012

On a dreadfully, stormy Wednesday evening on the Lower East Side a few gathered at the Rockwood Music Hall for some musical entertainment.  On stage, or on level, at an early 7pm-ish schedule, New York’s At Sea took to their instruments for an intimate evening of beautiful music, meaningful lyrics, and a demonstration of generosity.  The set would have been truly enjoyable were it not for the obnoxious, douchebaggy loud woman who talked loudly throughout the set inside the tiny club.

The atmosphere was relaxed and the set leisurely paced, with the venue feeling warm and sheltered, safe from the blustering snow and freezing air.  The music, sweet and emotive, with that lazy tempo, added that perfect touch.

Rockwood Music Hall is known for passing a metal bucket around for tips which would then go to the performers.  Instead of taking their tips the guys graciously donated their whole earnings for the night to victims of Super Storm Sandy.  Now that’s earning karma points.

Here are the photos from Wednesday evening and below that a video of the band performing ‘A New Machine’.



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  1. thank you so much for the lovely write-up of this show. amazing that you made it out in that storm–was a really memorable night. and cool video!

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