Bill Cunningham at David Tlale’s Box Presentation, NYFW, 10 February 2013

World-renowned New York Times street fashion photographer and icon, Bill Cunningham, was at David Tlale’s Fall/Winter 2013 Box presentation at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City.

Sans his famous blue lab coat, Mr. Cunningham decked out in dark grey to black sweater and khaki pants came in quietly and non-assuming.  Though he is always like that.  Quiet and diligent at his craft, Cunningham got to work immediately, not just snapping away like most people.  For most, it’s just let’s get that shot first and move on.  Watching Bill at work, one could learn something.  He looks at the models and he studies them for a brief moment.  Then he shoots.

Bill Cunningham at David Tlale's Box Presentation

I’m not sure if he shot all of the models, but I do know if you were a lucky spectator, he shot you.  Just like these young ladies in this photo below who were also enjoying the presentation.

Bill Cunningham at David Tlale's Box Presentation

In the movie ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, Andy is constantly being reminded that “a million girls would kill for that job” at a fashion magazine.  In the world of street fashion, a million girls would kill to be shot by Bill Cunningham.


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