A Tribute to Rosario and Rose Rizzo at FIT, NYC

I had a chance to check out this exhibit at the Fashion Institute of Technology on W. 27th Street in New York City.   The tribute to Rosario Rizzo (Designer/FIT instructor), and his muse/FIT instructor Rose Rizzo, exhibited beautiful gowns with intricate and gorgeous detailing.

L:  Black All-Over Beading Evening Gown.Black cut velvet lace gown encrusted with rhinestone and raised beading in jet and bugle beads in a diamond pattern.  R:  Gold and Black Ensemble.Gold ottoman/black velvet polka dot ensemble with a detachable sk

Vibrant colors:


And playful pieces:


This exhibit is on display til March 10th, so there’s a couple of weeks to check out the gowns.  Here’s more information about the exhibit:

Click to view a larger size.


And here are the gowns:

Photos:  2013 © Tear-n Tan.  All Rights Reserved.


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