PUNK: Chaos to Couture Exhibit Coming to the MET Museum on 9 May 2013

Get your inner-anarchist pumped because it’s about to start a circle pit with some haute couture fashion.

PUNK: Chaos to Couture will open to the public from May 9th to August 14, 2013 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.  The Costume Institute exhibit will look at how the counterculture influenced fashion from its inception in the 70s to it’s current impact.

The seven galleries will include original garments from about one hundred designers, utilizing various multi-media forms to illustrate the various themes of the exhibit: New York and London, Clothes for Heroes, Hardware, Bricolage, Graffiti and Agitprop, and Destroy.

Mark your calendars, and if you’re a museum member, you can get an early bird viewing of the exhibit on May 7th and 8th.



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