Nicholas Kirkwood Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection Presentation, 4 April 2013, NYC

Jimmy Who?  Whoboutin?  Stuart Weitwha?  Yeah, that’s right.  When we think of shoes, we think of the same people.  We think celeb designers, we think Carrie B, we think red soles.  Well wake up people there’s more in this shoe pool to add to your shoe lust list.

British designer, Nicholas Kirkwood, is not just a designer, but an artist.  When you look at his pieces, you see art…you see design, structure, and shape.  Kirkwood designs for the high-end, sophisticated woman, but his pieces exude playfulness and youth, not conceit or high-brownness.  Remember the Keith Haring shoes?

Yesterday evening, during Tear-n’s personal Fashion’s Night Out, I headed over to Kirkwood’s New York store for an exclusive sneak peek into his Autumn/Winter 2013 collection, which is set to launch today.  I’ve already been pining over his Spring/Summer collection, including these chevon patterned pumps, and was excited to see what the designer had in store for the next season.

I was not disappointed.  Black and white is still in as well as neon colors, graphic prints, patterned smoking slippers, and two toned oxfords.  But how about some pearls?  You like that?   Okay, well then pearls there shall be on your feet!


The variety of styles and colors were plentiful, so if you don’t want to look like everybody else wearing the same nude pump, you could totally stand out in a pair of gradient python or neon grids.  If black and white is your thing, there are plenty to choose from including pumps, shooties, and knee-length boots.  If twig like stems are your passion, there are stilettos for your pleasure…in gold, too.  Men have options as well, from bright two toned patterned pieces, to options that are a little more subtle, but nonetheless sharp.

This is a beautiful collection, for both women and men.  So check out the gallery below of Nicholas Kirkwood’s Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection and save those pretty pennies.

All Photos: 2013 © Tear-n Tan.  All Rights Reserved.


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