Streetwear Du Jour – Warm Weather Wonders, NYC, 9 April 2013

What a gorgeous day Tuesday was…wasn’t it? Seriously, a day with no sweater is a good thing. It must be the west coast blood in me.

Have you had a chance to head outside yet? Well, I hear the temps will be warmer Wednesday, NYC, so don’t forget to layer that sunblock and get those sandals and slippers ready.

I headed over to Soho, LES, and the East Village today, in need of some fashion eye candy. I mean, when the weather is this great, how do you allow yourself to walk around in all black? Well, apparently there are alot of people who did just that. They did, however, don a splash of color in the form of a bright scarf, or neon shoes, so…

So, here’s what I found today. Men were harder to find. There were lots of plaids and faded colors, but not much in the accessories department (hats, shoes, totes, etc). I found a couple of guys, and they truly rocked the colors!



Women, well…let’s just say Spring is your season. Colors, fabrics, texture, design…it was everywhere. Sometimes, I felt like there was too much, I couldn’t get to someone fast enough. And then poof! They were gone. Well, fret not my friends, I found some awesome women’s streetwear. From florals, to electric blue, to denim (yes, denim!) these finds had that punch that this season needs.

So, let’s enjoy this weather and start putting a little thought into our accessories, because I truly believe you’re never fully dressed without accessories. (And a smile never hurts :D)





Love the boots with florals!


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