Streetwear Du Jour – Girls Gone Styled, NYC, 17 May 2013

While walking along 14th Street today, I saw these two young ladies and had to get a shot of their awesome ensembles.


As I was shooting these two, one of the ladies called to their friends to wait up for them.  When I saw the friends, I noticed, the whole group looked amazing.  So, I got a  shot of the whole group.

I love how classy and stylish they look.  Just because the weather’s warm, doesn’t mean we have to look sleazy.14st2_20130517NYC_TTIt was like hitting a street fashion jackpot!


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  1. wow, I love it! I wish we got their contact information. I would love to take photos of the one with the blue skirt. She is so beautiful and it’s all natural. I hate when people wear tons of makeup (especially when they do not need it).

    omg, and how cute. Free Hugs socks. I would never wear them, but they look great on her!

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