Streetwear Du Jour – Hats Off to These Ladies! NYC, 20 May 2013

Spotted looking amazing and accessorized with a hat to top off their fashionable ensembles were these ladies in the Soho area.

From boyfriend jeans, to graphic scarvess, to suspenders, these looks just had that extra wow factor, all thanks to the hats.

Street_01_20130520Soho_TTThis lady thought she looked grungy.  Um….NO.  Somehow my boyfriend jeans don’t look this effortless when I do it.

Street_01b_20130520Soho_TTCamel is the color of the season and it looks great as an accessory.


Street_02_20130520Soho_TTFrames of photos as props for this picture perfect outfit.  Love the way she wore the scarf as well.

Street_02b_20130520Soho_TTThe embellishments on the hat are cool too.


Street_03_20130520Soho_TTRugged isn’t just for guys.  Well, rugged with a feminine touch, that is.  This lady looks awesome and cool.

Street_03b_20130520Soho_TTLike that the army green is a hat and not necessarily a jacket.  Great outfit!

Til next time all!


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