Firehorse Private Showcase at ACME Studios, 30 May 2013, Bklyn

Brooklyn’s Firehorse performed a private showcase at ACME Studio in Brooklyn Thursday night.  Aside from hors d’oeuvres and drinks, guests were treated to tunes from singer/songwriter Leah Siegel’s upcoming second album ‘Pills from Strangers’, which comes out June 25th.

Soulful and impassioned, from the moment Siegel takes breath, is the only way to describe Firehorse’s music.  With contorted features, the emotion and effort into each word sung is intense.  Siegel’s vocal range is astounding, belting out throaty roars one moment, then maneuvering effortlessly into spine-tingling falsettos uttering melancholic lines such as “I’m a fool”.

Firehorse at ACME Studio

The set was at times so beautiful, I literally had to stop shooting.  I just wanted to listen.  But don’t take my word for it, go see Firehorse on Friday, June 28th at the Mercury Lounge, for only $10.  Bring somebody special to dance with, you’ll want to.


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