PAWS and White Fence at the Seaport Music Festival, 14 June 2013, NYC

Some shots from this Friday’s Seaport Music Festival show with Scotland’s PAWS and California’s White Fence.

No rain, thankfully, was in the forecast which made for a pleasant evening.  PAWS started out the night with their garage rock.  Reminding me of Nirvana, with songs that started off slow and quiet then erupting into loud, fast booms of heavy and hooky chords, these Scots were definitely giving off some pent up energy and anguish, set against very pretty melodies.

Singer Phillip Taylor’s vocals were quirky, yet charming, often times going off key making their music simple, yet relatable.


Taylor’s sock choice for the night also did not disappoint, with bright yellow and blue banana patterns. PAWS04_20130614SSS_TT

Up next was White Fence with another amazing, guitar-heavy set, playing 60s inspired rock, with countless guitar solos, and harmonies at times reminiscent of The Monkees.  Their love of Britain and the 60s was evident, from the psychedelic guitar swells to the hair.  It’s all in the details.


It was a great night for music, and next week’s show should be just as amazing with Brighton UK’s Fear of Men.  The British are coming!  The British are coming!  Hooray for that!

Here’s just a tidbit from Friday’s show.  And below that the photo gallery.


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