Alvvays at Rough Trade, 28 July 2013, Brooklyn, NY

Alvvays performed at Rough Trade Records in Brooklyn tonight. I am really liking their music…alot.  Singer/guitarist Molly Rankin continues with her self-deprecating ways as she referred to herself and the band (all color coordinated in pairs of white sneakers) as losers and mall rats.

After the set, Rankin announced there would be a ping pong meet and greet as she felt signatures were worthless these days.  This kid is hilarious.

Anyways, I decided to shoot this with my phone. Here’s my first concert shoot with the Nokia 925.  There’s a non-existent shutter lag, which is okay as long as the subject does not move.  But if they’re in motion, the images will blur.  Obviously this is not DSLR quality, but it’s fine for just web posting.

I’ll continue to use my DSLR, but every once in a while it’s nice to just have a small device you can edit immediately with.  I still love my 5D Mark II.

Photos: 2014 (c) Tear-n Tan. All Rights Reserved.

July 28, 2014: Alvvays at Rough Trade Records in Brooklyn, NY. Mandatory Credit: Tear-n Tan 2014 © Tan.  All Rights Reserved

Alvvays02_20140728RT_TT Alvvays03_20140728RT_TT Alvvays04_20140728RT_TT Alvvays05_20140728RT_TT Alvvays06_20140728RT_TT Alvvays07_20140728RT_TT Alvvays08_20140728RT_TT Alvvays09_20140728RT_TT Alvvays10_20140728RT_TT Alvvays11_20140728RT_TT Alvvays12_20140728RT_TT Alvvays13_20140728RT_TT


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