12:34 LA:NYC Photo Project, 31 January 2015, NYC-In the Midnight Hour

Project 12:34 LA:NYC continues at night this time.  So here we go!  Don’t be scared! =)

Photos: 2015 © Gina Nieto.  All Rights Reserved.  LA.

glow#1 I light a candle pretty much every night. I like the smell of this one that my sister gave me as one of my Christmas gifts. side table#2 My side table. Wild is a good read so far.

bookshelf#3 It’s my bookshelf. The mini painting in back of the wooden person is from France. I bought it in the Latin Quarter. I love it.

R2#4 R2D2 – My parents put RD and C3PO on top of one of my birthday gifts ages ago. I found him again a few years ago when we were cleaning out the garage. R2 and Chewbacca are my favorite Star Wars characters. I wanted my own R2D2 when I was young. Never got one.


Photos: 2015 © Tear-n Tan.  All Rights Reserved.  NYC.

  WP_20150131_003I moved.  So my new place was just filled with boxes.  So many boxes.

WP_20150131_008My new place at night.  Almost complete.  The living room doesn’t have a light in the ceiling so I had to use the hallway and kitchenette light to unpack.

WP_20150131_012The flooring pattern from hallway to room changed.  Thought it was an interesting design.


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