My Favorite Instagrams of March 2015

A few of my favorite Instagrams I made in March below.  Follow me @tearntan for more shots.

11005180_1546759462240102_2023295118_nAndy Warhol painting at the Museum of Modern Art.

  10413930_448312961993387_1925935121_nSomeone left an origami boat at MOMA, so I took my friend’s iPad and had her pull up a map.  Thought this was a great concept.

11055652_1623726721176315_221122449_nSome graffiti on the Lower East Side.  I love collaging images.  Sometimes it’s easier to post them that way, rather than clogging up the feed with numerous images.  Editing is key here.

11032981_1634523100108799_294274461_nAnother collage.  This was the day of the big storm.  Queens sure got more than their fair share of snow here.  But I love the pattern of the snow on top of the chain link fence.

11098471_809680462414868_285699772_nI’ve started incorporating an eye with my nose drawings.  Soon, I’ll be able to include two eyes!

11033060_1625124881041792_776577255_nThis is a before and after shot which I thought was fun to do.

11123686_948896898462758_1058672853_nMy final nose I finished on the last day of March.  It took me two days to do this, but I am really happy with this drawing.


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