Musee Picasso and Space Invader Street Art of Picasso, 6 September 2015, Paris

Musee National Picasso-Paris at 5, rue de Thorigny is free on Sundays but worth the 13 euros if you go any other day.

Works included not only Picasso’s pieces, but by contemporaries such as Matisse and Braque and influences such as Cezanne.

There are many floors so be prepared to hike up many, many steps. But you will enjoy it and hopefully become inspired.

And talk about serendipity!  I was planning on finding some street art in the Latin Quarter by Space Invader.  Luck would have it, as I walked out after my Picasso adventure I spotted a familiar looking portrait of Picasso by Invader.  How cool is that?

So here are a few of my favorites from the Musee Picasso Paris and the last 2 photos are the pieces of Picasso by French street artist Space Invader.

PicassoMuseum01_20150906Par_TT-2 Musée Picasso

Walking into the front entrance.

Musée Picasso

Waiting in line would be about an hour.

Musée Picasso

Wall of portraits upon walking in.

Musée Picasso

Musée Picasso

Vase globulaire decore de mains tenant des poissons (1929)

Musée Picasso

(L-R)  Little Girl Skipping (1950), The Goat (1950)

Musée Picasso


Musée Picasso

Nu debout au bras leve (1908)

Musée Picasso

Le Salon de l’artiste rue La Boetie: Jean Cocteau, Olga Khokhlova, Erik Satie et Clive Bell (1919).  Oh to be a fly on the wall during this drawing!

Musée Picasso

Ceiling shot


And below is the portrait by Invader:Picasso Street Art by Space Invader Picasso Street Art by Space Invader


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