Please Objectify Me

This drawing is based on an NPR story that was published in August of 2015:

People Love Art Museums — But Has The Art Itself Become Irrelevant?

There was a part in the article that struck me:

the art museum used to offer objects, works of art, the finest that we have. And it’s gone from offering objects to offering an experience. …

It really is true, with museums and gallery shows – The art, or the objects, were no longer the main point of attendance.  Art’s true intent was gone.

Art is an object and it seemed people no longer went to appreciate the object, but rather to experience a moment or to be seen in a scene.  I tried for a few months to figure out how to relay this idea and I still don’t think this piece really says it, but it’s a start.

The whole point of this drawing, and hopefully there will be more pieces to come, is what I believe to be the point of art: to objectify it.  It’s a thing!  It’s tangible and it’s meant to be looked at, and maybe touched.  It’s supposed to be the center of attention, not the experience, but the object.

For once, it’s nice to be objectified.

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Please Objectify Me