Suscipio (Up) 16X20 Acrylic on Canvas

Finished this week, a painting of two hands/arms holding on to each other for help.  Suscipio is Latin, and means up – take up, lift up, receive.

I wanted to create a piece that shows that the nature of man is good.  It is proactive and it is love, it is brotherhood/sisterhood…human.  When others are in need, we extend our hand to help.  When we our down, someone reaches down to us to lift us up.  It’s a two way street.

The piece was originally meant to be a vertical, but when I looked at it horizontally, it felt like the viewer could stand in the position of the bottom hand and felt more relate-able that way.

This piece is available for purchase.  Feel free to email me at for details.


‘Suscipio’ (Up), April 2016

16×20 acrylic on canvas
2016 © Tear-n Tan.  All Rights Reserved.
Suscipio (Up)

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