Arles Street Art, Arles, France.

Arles, France is a beautiful city in the South of France.  It’s buildings and passages are just like Paris as well.  I really enjoyed it there and the visit to Pont Van Gogh was way too short.

While on the way to Arles via the train I noticed plenty of graffiti and wall tagging.  The block letters were mundane, but every now and then you found a few really amazing works.

Here are just a few that I found.  Arles, France is definitely worth a visit, and for more than one day.

WP_20160513_001Arles is watching  you.


FullSizeRender-1 FullSizeRender WP_20160512_017The art is chosen.  I mean artichoke.


This one is really nice.  I wish I was tall enough to get a better angle.


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