Digital Paintings on the IPAD Pro via the ArtRage App

I’ve gone digital!  Just for the moment though.  I’m in the early stages, so give me time people! 

Pulled a few portraits of celebrities from my old shooting days and recreated them on the IPAD Pro using the ArtRage app.  I do like this app, but I’m planning on giving others a go as well including Sketchbook and Procreate.

As for the Apple Pencil…I LOVE IT!  I don’t think I’ll need a matte screen protector.  At first I didn’t really like the feel of the rubber tip on glass, but I eventually started to enjoy it.  I think if I was just doing a pencil sketch, the screen protector might help with the feel.

If you have any other suggestions of apps to try, let me know!  I’m not too keen on Adobe Sketch though.

I started an Instagram account for just the digital artwork, which you can follow at: @tearntandigital

And my regular non-digital can be seen at @tearntan

Follow me to see more works!

ART: 2018 © Tear-n Tan.  All Rights Reserved.

Celine Dion gets her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2003

Rocker Paul Stanley strikes a pose at Jaguar’s Tribute to Style event in 2002

Jake Gyllenhaal bites his lip at Touchstone Pictures’ benefit screening for “Moonlight Mile” in 2002

Mandy Moore seems alarmed at the premiere of “Chasing Liberty” in 2004

Courtney Love at the EMI Post Grammy Party in 2004


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