The Burdens of Traveling – Comic Strip on the iPad Pro Via the Procreate App

I pulled some old ink and paper illustrations from my “Sooo Series” and decided to colorize them and turn them into a comic strip.  It was actually quite fun.

The Sooo Series is a project I started over a year ago on Instagram.  Tags usually contain or start with #richpeople #privileged, etc…  It’s about The One Percent and their first world problems.  It’s about how people get upset over the most trivial issues, but it’s okay, because we the viewer actually empathize with these ridiculous situations.  Perhaps we desire to have their problems?  (Guilty!)

All drawings created with ink on paper, scanned, colorized on the iPad Pro using Procreate. The comic was created in Adobe InDesign.

Anyways, enjoy the post!

Start with the first photo on the left and click to read the full comic in sequence.

Art: 2018 © Tear-n Tan.  All Rights Reserved.


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