Singers and Swingers – Composited Images Created Via Adobe Photoshop CC

Another post on composited images created in Adobe Photoshop CC.   Using locations in Manhattan, The Hudson Valley, and Las Vegas (Red Rock Canyon) as backgrounds, I tried to tell a story with a few different musicians I shot over the years.  It doesn’t always make sense, but that’s alright.  I really wasn’t sure how creative I could get with collaging digital photographs, but I found the project very satisfying and creative.  The process of coming up with a concept, sifting through images, and figuring out the layout takes much thought and patience.

The most enjoyable part was painting over areas that needed more light or darkness, or areas where I needed the tones to match.  Perhaps a Wacom tablet would be ideal for these specific tasks.  Until next time, enjoy!

(Photographs were composited via Adobe Photoshop CC)

Photo: 2018 © Tear-n Tan. All Rights Reserved.

Jus’wingin’ it..

Don’t try this yourself.  Leave it to a professional…retoucher 😉

(Tilly and the Wall, Red Rock Canyon, Hudson Valley River)


This time, I’ll sing to you.

Feed the birds, I always do!

(Crystal Castles, Kap Bambino, Union Square Park)

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