Stick Figure Drawings Created on the IPAD Pro via the ArtRage App

This is what happens when you have trouble sleeping.  You get up, pick up your iPad and draw.

I was actually trying to have fun with the background, wanting to create an expressionistic background with long brushstrokes. Then I thought, what if I just drew stick figures?  I ended up loving the silly figures running at dusk.  I wanted to just get back to the rudimentary memories of drawing as a child.  As I started drawing, I asked myself, “what if I made her dress pink?  Hm…I think I’ll give him a brown shirt.  Ooooh…I like that.”  Maybe because it was 1 am and I just wanted to sleep and was feeling a bit loopy, but all of a sudden, I was a child again.  It felt deeply freeing and the experience was quite pleasurable.

The next day I completed four more drawings on the iPad.  I decided to post up the drawings as a series. Each drawing is meant to evoke a feeling of nostalgia, in a time period that is unidentifiable yet timeless (I’ve always wanted to live during the late 19th century, oh well…)  They conjure up within oneself a universal emotion or a desire of that emotion to be in a different time, not the present.  They’re simple, yet joyful.

Hope you enjoy it.  If you ever get the urge to summon up your inner six year old to create a piece of art… do it!

All drawings created on the iPad pro using ArtRage.

Art: 2018 © Tear-n Tan. All Rights Reserved.

Running Away

Feeling Lazy

Boat Ride


  Jumping (Rope) for Joy


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