Sortarella Part 5 Finale – Comic Strip on the iPad Pro via the Procreate App

We conclude this fairy tale comic strip, with a Cinderella spin, today with part 5…the finale, hurrah!

Hope you sorta like it. 😉

Just as a recap, when we last left off, Prince Charming had finally met up with Sortarella after his fruitless, weekend long search for her.  It was serendipity that he got hit with a piece of bread.  Just as he was about to confront the carb-tossing bread-pertrator, he realized it was the lady he had danced with at the royal ball.

This was a fun project to do.  I was quite sad as I was laying out the last few drawings.  Perhaps it was the realization of the inevitable completion of a project I relished in creating.  It felt sad because it won’t be on my TO DO list tomorrow.  But, that’s why there are new projects!

Enjoy the finale!

Drawings created on the iPad pro with Procreate.  Comic created via Adobe InDesign.

Art: 2018 © Tear-n Tan. All Rights Reserved.

Click on the blue Sortarella link below.  Set the zoom to PAGE FIT, so you can see it correctly.


If the link doesn’t open, use this link below or copy and paste to your web browser:


If you missed the previous parts, or want to check out the full story, here it is!

Sortarella Full Story


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