Jessica Biel Portrait Created on the iPad Pro via the Procreate App

Jessica Biel Portrait via iPad Pro with Procreate

Portait of Jessica Biel Created on the iPad Pro with Procreate

Here’s my latest piece just completed on the iPad Pro with Procreate. I’m also currently studying HTML and CSS, so this post was created with HTML and CSS. I had to do the style inline, I wasn’t sure where on WordPress I would upload the stylesheet. And when I tried to put the style internally in the head, the style actually appeared in the blog. A bit confused, but will have to keep working on it. Thanks for coming along this journey of learning with me!
I hope it looks good! =)

Art: 2018 ©Tear-n Tan. All Rights Reserved.

If you’d like to check out my other portraits, I did a previous post with:

Cate Blanchett

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You can check out that post here which include a couple more portraits as well.

Hope you enjoyed this post! It was fun trying out html and css on this post. Still learning!


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