New Work Created in Adobe Illustrator

Just completed a few pieces created in Adobe Illustrator CC. I haven’t had much practice with it after taking a course on it years ago, but I’ve enjoyed re-learning the pen and pathfinder tools.

Dear Santa, please send me an all app 1 year subscription for Adobe. =)

Art: 2018 ©  Tear-n Tan.  All Rights Reserved.  This one took a while to complete. I was inspired by the color after I completed the skyline piece, which is last piece.


Working with text here and the next couple pieces below.

I did this with 2 other colors, pink and blue, but the red worked best.


A twist on the floral pattern.


Went abstract here. It’s supposed to be the top of my head about to explode. The colorful birds make the idea seem less gruesome.


I love the color of the moon here. Wanted to make this piece more retro with the muted colors and simple shapes. The hardest part was finding the perfect gray for the sky – couldn’t be too dark and had to glow.


Hoping I can improve my skills in Illustrator, but should probably get back on the iPad for more portraits.


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