Sunflower Painting – 8X10 Acrylic on Canvas

My latest piece is a painting of a sunflower. Unfortunately, I am no Van Gogh. The original reference image was taken in Union Square, New York City in August of 2010.

I actually loved painting the stems and leaves. Not sure that I would, as I thought it might be a bit tedious, but actually enjoyed working the lights and darks. The light came from above, so the underside of some of the leaves just glowed. The petals were a bit tedious however.

I think I need to visit a corn field for my next piece. I’d go crazy there. All those stems and and leaves! Enjoy!

This piece is available for purchase. Contact me at:


Art: 2019 © Tear-n Tan. All Rights Reserved.


I liked how some of the petals had gaps between them, so you could see a little something special. It’s like peeking into a window.


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