The Enemy at the Bowery, 11 August 2008

And the winner for WORST LIGHTING EVER goes to…
The Enemy

Backlit, dark, flashing, spot lights, dark, just plain horrible.  Did I mention dark?
The Enemy at Bowery Ballroom, NYC

The Enemy at Bowery Ballroom, NYC

But don’t judge a show by the lighting.  The Enemy’s performance was amazing and I can’t stop listening to the album.
The crowd was rowdy, but what do you expect at their show.  The stage fell apart during the second band’s set, so a few of us had to balance ourselves between a long metal strip and a pushy crowd.  The only injury I walked away with was a cut from the metal on the stage.

A note to all bands…PLEASE do NOT use horrible flashy lighting…at least for the first 3 songs.


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