Jelly NYC’s Pool Parties, Sunday 19 July 2009

I missed last week’s pool party, but was able to make it today’s Jelly NYC Pool Party.  On Kent between No. 8 and No. 9, the line was 2 blocks long when I got there.  I went across the street and bought a bottle of Thyme Lemonade and an espresso brownie and sat on the curb for a while enjoying my delicious lemonade…delicious!  After a bit, I then decided to line up.  As I approached the entrance, I quickly downed most of the thyme lemonade.  They made me throw away my uneaten espresso brownie…boo. If you plan to go to these shows, do not carry anything, you will get in faster.  Also, no outside food or drinks are allowed.  BAH!

I missed Crystal Antlers, but got to see Magnolia Electric Co.  They were pretty good and chill.  They would be perfect to listen to in the summer, on a porch, SLOWLY savouring a thyme lemonade…and an espresso brownie.  We didn’t have to watch them, so we headed over to the river’s edge.  What a gorgeous view of the Manhattan skyline from Williamsburg to behold:

Manhattan Skyline from Williamsburgn, BKLYN

Manhattan Skyline from Williamsburg, BKLYN

We left during Dirty Projectors.  I’ve seen them twice, and I still don’t dig them.

Next week’s show should be fun.  Health from Cali will be here.  The Black Lips are pretty fun too.  Catch that loogie man!

Jelly NYC, Williamsburg, BrooklynCondo’s towering over the Jelly stage.


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