Siren 2009 Festival, Coney Island, Brooklyn

I love being 15 minutes from Coney Island!  Siren was this past Saturday and not only was it crowded and hot, but it was also sticky.  I wish I had a shot of the ice cream I was eating.  It was in constant drip mode.

We saw a few decent bands including Danish guys THE BLUE VAN:
The Blue Van at Village Voice's 2009 Siren Festival

We then walked over to see MICACHU & THE SHAPES, we left after 1 song.  What was that?  I thought they were French and underage at first.  No shots, not necessary.

Future of the Left at Village Voice's 2009 Siren FestivalHeaded back to see Welsh band (YAAY!) FUTURE OF THE LEFT.  They were pretty funny.  The bassist was tossing out candies into the audience.  He pulls out a blow pop and tells the audience they’ve been in his sweaty pants.  He then tells them “Now I’m not going to say their going to be any good, but they’re going to be good.”  LOL!  If you like heavy rock, these guys are it.  I would definitely see them again, and I don’t even like heavy guitar rock.

Security at Village Voice's 2009 Siren FestivalSecurity must have really good ear plugs to fall asleep during FUTURE OF THE LEFT.

We had to make sure we saw A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS:
A Place to Bury Strangers at Village Voice's 2009 Siren Festival
Band influenced by the sounds of The Jesus and Mary Chain =).

We then headed over to see The Raveonettes:
The Raveonettes at Village Voice's 2009 Siren Festival

The Raveonettes at Village Voice's 2009 Siren Festival

We had to get to the front, so I pretended to be with these 2 security guys trying to escort us to the back.  Every once in a while, I’d try to put my hand on the back of the Security guy, as if to say to people, we were with them.  MWAHAHA!  We got to the front, but tothe side.  We couldn’t see anything. Then we found a tear in the green covering they use over the fence, so we created an opening to view the show.  We couldn’t see Sune, only Sharin.  The Security guy was blocking my view…that is when people weren’t standing in front of my hole:
ViewOFRaveonettes_090719CI_TTI should’ve used my friend’s fork to poke people in the bum.  “Hey!  Move it!” Just kidding, that’s rude.

It was a pretty hot and crowded Saturday, so we decided to skip Built To Spill and Spank Rock…Beating the crowd to the train station was way more important.  Last year it took over an hour to get to the station that was across the street.  This year, we made it in around 20 minutes, I think.

Siren is a great festival, but I don’t understand all the VIP people coming into the pit blocking the view, or tall Photographers on step stools, so they can be eye level with the artists.  Whatever.  I’ll still go next year.  I like the ice cream.


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