I said feetsies, NOT…

Last year I busted my foot while I was taking out the trash. No, not THAT kind of trash.  After months of living with the sheer unendurable agony of left foot pain, I decided to see my doctor.  She referred me to a Podiatrist, and my worst fears were confirmed…I had flat feet.  WAAAAH!  So I can’t wear those paper thin flip flops, but I never really liked them anyways.  After a few sessions with the Podiatrist, she got the go-ahead to get me into some custom-made Orthotics!  Yes, insoles made based on my own feet’s shape.  Today I got my feet casted.  My damn flat feet. She wrapped some wet plaster sheets around my feet and started shaping them.  As I sat there while she shaped my cast, I wondered why I wasn’t feeling ticklish.  I am often ticklish, especially around the foot and ankle region.  But I did not feel ticklish at all today. Did I lose all sensation when I inflamed my accessory navicular bone?  Or do you just lose sensations as you get older?

My feet being casted for orthoticsYes, that’s right, I have an extra bone in my foot, known as the accessory navicular bone.  Like I told a co-worker, “extra bone, extra funny”.  Hey…I laughed.

My feet being casted for orthoticsAfter the wrapping of my feetsies, (I said feetsies, NOT…) After the wrapping of my feetsies, we let the cast dry, then she pulled off the cast from my shapely (or flat) feet.

My feet being casted for orthoticsIn a few weeks, these tired puppies will be styling on some pimped out orthos.  How cool are orthotics?  Not as cool as orthopedic shoes, but I got a few more years, before I get to those.

My feet being casted for orthotics



  1. hi:) i too have an accessory navicular syndrome and it is troubling me. i have been thinking of doing a surgery. can i ask if your accessory navicular is gone/okay now and would you care to share your pictures of your feets and the orthotics? it’s been 3 year and you may not have the pic…………no worries:)) i found your site while googling for….thanks.best regards.

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