Fashionable Snowpeople

Oh how I love to build snowmen!  Okay, not really.  I forgot my mittens, so I wasn’t about to risk frost bite to build a snow-something.  Anyways, yesterday, the Artist and Fleas market in Williamsburg had a little snowman building contest for it’s vendors.  The prize…a free day!  I seriously would’ve started to build one, but once I got outside and saw the competition, there were only 3 other people, I knew I didn’t stand a chance.  Here are the lovely pieces by a couple of the vendors.

Isn’t she lovely!  Watch it, I think she’s packing heat!

She’s also got a metal mohawk.

I think they took a dress form and packed it with ice.  Still, a pretty fancy snowman.

Okay, not much going on here, but at least he tried…unlike me.

I might be selling my bags next month, I hope paisley is still in fashion…



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