Creativity in NYC

Only in NYC!  How creative is this?  While walking back from lunch today around the Union Square area, my Department and I came upon this young lady, Anayvelyse, offering poems for $2.  She literally would type out a poem for you right then and there from a typewriter.  Seriously, where else could this happen?!

The other day, I came across two young men sitting on their steps hand sewing a jacket!  They looked very fashionable and the stitching they were doing on the jackets looked beautiful.  I wish I had asked to take a photograph of them, but I didn’t.  Damn it Tear-n!

I wonder if this will be the summer of  extreme creativity and self-creation.  It’s like the rebirth of the Lost Generation, Bateau Lavoir, Montparnasse, everything I adore about the 1920s!  Maybe 2010 will be the start of another Lost Generation era.

To quote my boss…”It’s a beautiful thing.”


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