Metropolitan Museum and Brooklyn Museum Fashion Exhibits-American Woman and High Style

The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Brooklyn Museum are currently exhibiting the first Costume Institute exhibition.

Starting at the Met, items on display for American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity (ending Aug 15) ranged from the 1890s to the 1940s.  Unfortunately no Photography was allowed at the Met’s show.  You can however see a Youtube video that the Met has posted up on their site:{CA088C8E-D618-4503-91E7-833569115BF2}&HomePageLink=special_c1a

Though the layout was a bit difficult at times-trying to maneuvre between visitors and display within the tight spaces, zig zagging back and forth, staring at a dizzying 360 wall-sized film screen-the show was absolutely beautiful and informative.  My favorite parts ranged from the gorgeous Bohemian dresses of the 1900s, to the playful pieces of the 1920s,  to the sophisticated screen siren gowns of the 1930s.  These pieces on display were absolutely inspiring.

After a quick feast on turkey burger and fries, the journey continued to the northeastern tip of Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.  The daylong field trip resumed with  High Style:  Fashioning a National Collection, at the Brooklyn Museum, which ends August 1st.

Fortunately, the Brooklyn Museum’s portion allowed photos.  Below is a link to a PDF of the images I shot.  I would’ve posted them directly on the site, but there was 81 images!


If you are a shoe-phile, you will enjoy the Brooklyn exhibit.

Accessories from head to toe, including hats, necklaces and gloves, were emphasized here.

Just be careful that you don’t hit your head on the glass display showcasing the Arpad prototypes.

These two shows are a definite must see event.  Make sure you start off early.  Though the Met closes at 9 on Saturday, the Brooklyn Museum shuts down at 6 and somewhere in between you will need a substantial meal.

After the show, it was a 40 minute walk to Junior’s on Flatbush and Dekalb.  And yes…they’re cheesecakes are pretty freakin’ amazing…




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